Testimonials & Reviews

 "Nona has an excellent eye and a true talent for natural and still life photography.  Her work is spectacular!  My husband and I fell in love with several of her images that she customized to suit our specifications.  We couldn’t be happier with the quality and craftsmanship of her art and the beauty they have added to our home.  Our experience working with Nona was easy and enjoyable.  She is a truly gifted artist."
Julie Russell

"I have admired Nona's photography for several years. We hung her picture of Aspen leaves falling like gold in our restaurant, and it is a wonderful addition to our decor.  Last Fall I was amazed by her portrayal of Prairie Dogs in wonderfully comical and heart touching photos. Nona's incredible ability to capture nature intimately while protecting its' boundaries is a rare testament to preserving the beauty around us. I am so fortunate to have a piece of Nona's work and always look forward to seeing her posts on Facebook and in seeing her upcoming site on-line."

Mary Starker

" I first met Nona 19 years ago and I quickly learned of her passion for photography. Whenever we travel together she always has her photography gear in tow.  We traveled through the Inside Passage of Alaska the year we met. Nona managed to captured a bear devouring the spawning salmon during a “Twilight Wildlife Watch” excursion.  I will never forget the camping trip my husband and I went on with Nona to the Never Summer Mountain Range in Colorado. When we pulled up to what looked to be a good campsite, Nona had already setup her tripod and was shooting the three large moose that were grazing in the meadow just a short distance away. 

 Nona’s photography has taken her to many beautiful locations around the world including New Zealand, Churchill Canada, the Galapagos Islands, the Falkland Islands, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, China, Europe, & multiple destinations in North America including the Slot Canyons in Arizona. Through her travel and photography, Nona is able to take the viewer on their own private tour of a location.

Nona created a collage of gallery framed photographs for my audiology practice. She has made coaster sets, pillows, and puzzles using her photographs. She has taken our family portraits and given us memory books over the years.  Nona has also provided photographs in various marketing pieces for my business.

I would have to say my favorite part of Nona’s photography is being able to share it with others. Nona creates the most beautiful notecards from her photos.  Everyone that receives a notecard from me is able to see what a true photography talent Nona has. She is always advancing herself in photography through classes, competitions, and adventures!"

Jayme L. Rinn, Au.D.